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The Worthy DEx will be a binary trading platform that we expect will bring the fun and hopefully profit to all of our users. We will change the way everyone uses DEx platforms for both traditional and binary users. Like all decentralized exchanges we will not require you to hold your crypto investments on our platform but instead you will do all of your trading directly from your personal wallet such as the Worth Wallet, Trust wallet, Metamask, etc. The Worthy DEx will give you the power to DeFi banking. This is binary trading done with the users in mind. We plan on implementing many different tools, rewards and bonuses to help our users reach the goals they have set for their trading future. We will institute a rewards system that offers our users bonuses for:
Adding a designated amount of funds
For buying and holding a designated amount of WRTH Tokens while actively trading on our site or apps.
For actively trading multiple pairs of crypto, alts and exotic pairs
For taking part in ICO's and IDO's featured in our Launchpad section
We will offer bonus power hours that will add a 2% -10% boost to profits to each users trade for that hour.
There will be a reward and bonus marketplace where users can purchase many of these incentives with their WRTH tokens to boost their trading profits.
That is just a few examples of what we will offer just for the binary trading side of our platform. For the traditional side we will offer tools that will help traders and investors interact with the market in a hands free way that will make you wish we created this platform sooner. Our platform and tools will make it easier for beginners to take wield the power of DeFi and DEx investing

Worthy Token will be Binary DEx Done right. We will soon be deploying our project with the SmartDefi contract. We love how the contract protects investors and adds security to our project. Read our whitepaper at BecomeWorthy.net

2% Reflections for Hodlrs
2% Liquidity Added For Sells
2% Smart Rising Price Floor
70tril total supply
30% for presale
30% 🔥 after presale
35% added to liquidity
5% for team building, marketing, promoting, blockchain dev, & overall company expansion.

We are going to change how you trade forever. Are You Worthy?🐯


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