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Accelerating blockchain technologies development and mass adoption, focusing on people and innovation.

We are pushing forward the latest advances of humanity, adding benefits and rewarding people who want to be part of our community. Creating NFT products to add more value from blockchain technologies. We are constantly evolving and expanding with an innovative way of deducting tax revenue from transactions and re-distribute it to holders.

The GoldConio Protocol V2 is a community-powered DeFi project created to accelerate humankind's adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Earn Goldconio

4% is Redistributed to all existing holders

More Liquidity

3% is added to goldconio liquidity

Goldconio Burn

2% of goldconio tokens are burned

Goldconio Fund

1% is added to the GoldConio Ecosystem Growth Fund

Focusing on People

Focused on our community and fair launch. Our dev team burned all of their tokens and participated with everyone else. 


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